Wood Floor Satin Finish

Wood Floor Satin Finish – Low Sheen at 40-50 percent Luster. Satin finish levels are most popular among prefinished flooring manufacturers and professionals that finish floors on site. Satin finishes provide easy maintenance; marks and scratches show up less, so satin finishes look newer longer than higher glosses.

Wood Floor Semi-gloss

Wood Floor Semi-gloss – Medium Sheen 55-70 percent Luster. Semi Gloss is also commonly found in commercially prefinished national brands. Unlike Low Luster and Satin sheens, the Semi Gloss will reflect more light, accentuating imperfections and dust.

Wood Floor High Gloss

Wood Floor High Gloss – Maximum Sheen over 75% Luster.

High Gloss is most common in commercial settings such as bowling lanes, basketball floors and gymnasiums. High Gloss tends to highlight imperfections including dust buildup, facilitating more frequent cleanings. Other complaints include visible foot prints by walking in bare feet. Expect higher gloss floors to show wear more quickly in high traffic areas opposed to the previous two.