When hardwood floors become worn out and lose their sheen, our techniques will restore their appearance with a beautiful and smooth finish. The refinishing process includes sanding and scraping the floors all the way down to the natural wood. From there we will apply a color coat of your choosing.


We start by sanding down the floor using a machine that vacuum up the dust as it sands down the wood floors. Afterwards we apply three coats of acrylic finish (we also use oil base finish upon request). We wait an hour to an hour and a half between each coat and we do a buffing process, which is a light sanding, after the first and second coat. For the third coat you can choose a high gloss, semi-gloss, or a satin finish.

Three to four hours after the last coat is applied, you can walk in the area with socks and move furniture using felt padding (do not drag furniture across the floors, but lift and place it). However, if you have area rugs you must wait seven days before you can lay them down again. The floors should be maintained in this manner for the first 36 hours after the last coat is applied.